eBay’s Multi-User Account Access is Now Live to all Sellers* in the U.S.

eBay is enabling sellers to better manage their business by securely granting access to employees to create drafts, edit and launch listings on their behalf.

eBay now has a solution for sellers that may need help managing their online businesses. Multi-User Account Access (MUAA) is eBay’s latest feature that enables sellers to grant access to Listings within their Seller Hub in a more private and secure way. 

Sellers can now add employees or delegates to perform seller activities on their behalf without giving full access to their eBay account.

Here’s how it works: Sellers invite employees as users, granting each user specific permissions and access for tasks like editing, drafting and publishing listings. Employees then create an account and can access the Seller Hub in their own view. This provides both users — the seller and the employee — added security and privacy for their eBay account.

Check it out on the eBay Account Settings today! 

If you’d like to learn more about how we implemented this feature, read this Engineering blog post.

* All U.S. sellers that are opt-ed in to Seller Hub now have access to Multi-User Account Access.