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eBay Integrates Video into the eBay Motors App

The eBay Video Platform will allow sellers to add in videos of the cars they are selling on the eBay Motors App.

By: Geetanjali Gupta and Gilbert Bouzeid
Machine Learning

Building a Product Catalog: What we Learned from our University Machine Learning Competition

We challenged more than 100 college students at seven universities to structure listing data using AI and machine learning.

By: Senthil Padmanabhan
Deep Learning

A Learning Culture to Propel Innovation

A test-and-learn culture is key to building the best experiences for our customers.

By: Mazen Rawashdeh
Computer Vision

eBay Uses Computer Vision to Enable Sellers to Create Cleaner Images

We built an algorithm that lets users change the background of their listing photos.

By: Ellis Luk

Under the Hood of eBay Motors: New App Powered By Advanced Technology Like Flutter, ML and BFF

eBay introduces the eBay Motors native app, now available for Android and iOS in the U.S. The app was built using cutting-edge tech including machine learning, Backend for Frontend architecture and Flutter, an open source, cross-platform SDK by Google.

By: Larry McKenzie, Corey Sprague, Andrew Chalkley and Jake Hall
User Experience

Buy the Items You Love Again and Again on eBay

eBay is taking the friction out of repurchasing a favorite find on eBay with the new Buy Again button.

By: Asheem Sinha

eBay Makes Mobile Web Login Easier

eBay enables secure password-less login experiences on the web-based version of eBay with WebAuthn.

By: Shikha Khanna, Anand Bahety, Md Kamal Hossen and Neb Pesic

Product Management Opportunities at eBay

Product Management

We deliver product experiences that customers love—and love to tell others about. Your passion is to solve customers' unspoken needs and deliver value in ways that exceed their expectations. You’ll drive products from concept to launch in a way that fosters the growth of our business, enabling commerce opportunities for millions around the world.

User Experience

eBay’s Multi-User Account Access is Now Live to Sellers

eBay is enabling sellers to better manage their business by securely granting access to employees to create drafts, edit and launch listings on their behalf.

By: Lester Dorman and Rekha Patel
Developer Tools

eBay’s New APIs Enable Developers to Create Innovative Experiences at Scale

Managed Payments, Identity and Marketing APIs available today for developers

By: Gail Frederick
User Experience

eBay Makes It Easier with Three New Ways for Sellers to Send Offers to Buyers

Sellers can now send offers to buyers with an exclusive discount.

By: Muthu Sundaresan, Parin Jogani and Nainesh Nayudu
User Experience

eBay Users Can Save With More

Volume Pricing saves you money when you buy more of the same thing from eBay sellers.

By: Liv Ellingsen and Steve Neola
Computer Vision

eBay Makes Visual Shopping More Intuitive While You Browse

Our newest experience helps you find more products you just can't describe.

By: Jonathan Chard
User Experience

How eBay Uses Microinteractions to Delight Customers

At eBay, we’re always looking for ways to truly localize for all of our international markets. Our design team has spent some time designing and experimenting with exciting new experiences and microinteractions for shoppers in China.

By: Ryan Parker and Prashant Desai
Charity Fundraising

‘Gifts that Give Back’ Program Enhances Listing Options for Over 54k Charities

Revamped Gifts that Give Back Program introduces symbolic gift listings, helping charities raise funds at an exponential rate.

By: Ethan Rubinson, Marci Ross and Scott McDowell
Computer Vision

Drag and Drop Search: A New Way to Search on eBay

eBay has over a billion listings across a wide variety of categories that millions of buyers search every day. It is a significant challenge to connect the right buyer to the right listing and in the process to present the user with similar items that are suited to the buyers inputs.

By: Ravi Pitapurapu
Structured Data

New eBay Motors Feature Makes Car Schematic Diagrams Shoppable

Our Product Managers explain how the new tool lets you shop by diagrams, making it easier to find all the parts you need for your next auto repair job.

By: Anny Jeung

From ‘Viable’ to ‘Awesome’: The Thinking Behind eBay’s Product Development

Hear from two technologists on how we’re evolving our approach to building new products.

By: Claire Xiao and Parin Jogani
Computer Vision

Love It? Find More Like It with eBay’s New Image Search Feature

Our latest visual shopping feature helps you discover more items that look like your favorites with only the swipe of a finger.

By: Seema Jethani and Venkat Medapati
Developer Tools

How Developers Power eBay’s Product-Based Shopping Experience

eBay is moving towards a Product-Based Shopping Experience (PBSE) in 2018. With the new experience, buyers will be able to easily find merchandise that meets their search criteria and quickly decide which products they want to purchase.

By: Curtis Gavin