Last week, I presented eBay’s cloud adoption strategy in my keynote address at the Cloud Connect conference.  The presentation was tongue-in-cheek titled Cloud Bursting for Fun and Profit, but it did make a real case for leveraging a hybrid approach to data center operations.  (“Hybrid” means a mix of public and private compute resources.)

Our case study on eBay’s move toward a public cloud was well received by the cloud community.  The talk took attendees through a session on “cloudonomics,” converting the theoretical understanding of “own the base, rent the spike” into an equation with candid, real-world eBay numbers for traffic, capacity distribution, computational units, and, of course, the profit part!  We demonstrated how, despite the high per-unit cost of the public cloud (even at 4 times more expensive than private data centers), eBay’s use projections still indicated a potential savings.  Savings come from both distributing load across both private data centers and the public cloud, as well as leveraging the cost trade-off of renting private cloud space by a significant reduction in the cost of ownership and maintenance of private data centers.

Here’s the replay of the session.