Vivian Gledhill is a Senior Product Manager at eBay, where he focusses on the different listing tools that eBay offers including the new unified listing experience. The primary goal for him is always to list as efficiently as possible. Before joining eBay more than seven years ago, Vivian held different positions as a Software Engineer.


A user may use a client device to create a draft document by interacting with a server. The server may send a message to a second device (e.g., using the short message service (SMS)). The message may prompt the user to respond with a message (e.g., a multimedia messaging service (MMS) message) that includes an image to be added to the draft. The server receives the image and modifies the draft (e.g., by updating a web page being displayed on the client device). This process allows the user to type text for a draft using a client device that includes a keyboard (e.g., a desktop or laptop computer) and to add an image to the draft using a second device that includes a camera (e.g., a mobile phone or tablet computer) without having to transfer the image from the second device to the first device.

Country: United States
Grant Date: April 21, 2020
INVENTORS: Vivian Gledhill

Vivian Gledhill

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