In various example embodiments, a search system and method employing search result feedback are presented. In an example, a search system may include a listing database including a plurality of listings, and a search engine may generate first search results in response to a first search query, the first search results including one or more of the plurality of listings. A search results modifier may receive a selection of a first listing of the first search results, with the selection of the first listing indicating a lack of interest in the first listing. The search engine may generate second search results in response to a second search query subsequent to the first search query, wherein the second search results include the first listing. The search results modifier may modify the second search results to less prominently display the first listing in the second search results.

Country: Australia
Grant Date: February 13, 2020
INVENTORS: Debasree Kanjilal, Ramachandran Ramesh, Vijay Samuel, Ruchir Shah, Sankaranarayanan Venkatraman

Vijay Samuel

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