Kubernetes in Engineering

Our Online Analytical Processing Journey with ClickHouse on Kubernetes

Learn about the latest evolution of online analytical processing (OLAP) data, now with ClickHouse on Kubernetes.

By: Sudeep Kumar, Mohan Garadi, Xiancheng Li, Amber Vaidya and Liangfei Su
Distributed Systems in Engineering

Providing Metadata Discovery on Large-Volume Data Sets

Many big data systems collect petabytes of data on a daily basis. Such systems are often designed primarily to query raw data records for a given time range with multiple data filters. However, discovering or identifying unique attributes present in such large datasets can be difficult.

By: Sudeep Kumar and Satbeer Lamba
Cloud in Engineering

Elasticsearch Cluster Lifecycle at eBay

eBay’s Pronto, our implementation of the “Elasticsearch as service” (ES-AAS) platform, provides fully managed Elasticsearch clusters for various search use cases.

By: Sudeep Kumar
Cloud in Engineering

Ready-to-use Virtual-machine Pool Store via warm-cache

Conventional on-demand Virtual Machine (VM) provisioning methods on a cloud platform can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when we need to provision VMs in large numbers quickly.

By: Sudeep Kumar


In various example embodiments, a machine is configured to redirect completion of a transaction to a trusted device. For example, the machine determines that a page involving the transaction is being displayed in a user interface of a first device. The page may be associated with the product or service. The machine identifies an interruption of the displaying of the page in the user interface of the first device. The machine identifies a second device that is trusted by the user. The machine transmits a communication including a notification to the second device. The notification indicates the transaction.

Country: United States
Grant Date: September 3, 2019
Sudeep Kumar

Sudeep Kumar

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