Steve Neola is a Product Lead for Recommendations and Image Search at ebay. He is captivated by enabling everyone to use images to shop the world’s most diverse inventory no matter where they are or what inspires them. Steve is a huge music fan and can be found at jazz clubs in the West Village when not working at eBay NYC.


In various example embodiments, a system and method for generating a discovery page that depicts item aspects are presented. A query that includes an identifier of an item is received from a client device. A category of items that includes the item described in the query is identified using the identifier of the item. One or more aspects that correspond to a group of items included in the category of items are determined. Item listings for the group of items from the category of items are accessed. A discovery page that depicts the accessed item listings of the group of items in relation to the one or more aspects is generated. Display of the generated discovery page is caused.

Country: Australia
Grant Date: February 21, 2019
INVENTORS: Hyo Chung, Harry Davis, Steve Neola, Tao Peng, Stephen Wu
Steve Neola

Steve Neola

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