Computer Vision in Research

Interactive Visual Search

Interactive visual search with user feedback helps buyers find the perfect item and while enjoying the exploratory journey.

By: M. Hadi Kiapour, Shuai (Kyle) Zheng and Robinson Piramuthu
Computer Vision in Research

ModaNet: A Large-scale Street Fashion Dataset with Polygon Annotations

Searching for an ideal dress or pair of shoes sometimes could be challenging, especially when you do not know the best keywords to describe what you are looking for. Luckily, the emerging smart mobile devices provide an efficient and convenient way to capture those products of interest in your photo album. The next natural thing is letting an ecommerce app like eBay figure it out for you.

By: Shuai (Kyle) Zheng, Fan Yang, M. Hadi Kiapour and Robinson Piramuthu
Computer Vision in Engineering

Large-Scale Product Image Recognition with Cloud TPUs

Customers all over the world use eBay to buy and sell all kinds of products. With more than one billion product listings on eBay, it is essential for eBay to use cutting-edge AI to help everyone find the products that they want. And visual search is increasingly important—with cameras on every smartphone, eBay customers want to be able to snap a photo to find exactly what they see.

By: Shuai (Kyle) Zheng

Shuai (Kyle) Zheng