Systems and methods are provided for accessing a plurality of inventory item listings accessible over a network, wherein each of the plurality of inventory item listings includes one or more text strings, and creating inventory word vectors for at least some of the text strings of the plurality of inventory item listings. The systems and methods further provide for receiving a user input including an input word, wherein the user input is input by a user to access a primary media content, creating an input word vector for the input word, calculating cosine similarities between the input word vector and the inventory word vectors, and analyzing the calculated cosine similarities to determine one or more keywords from the one or more text strings, wherein the one or more keywords are from the text strings having inventory word vectors with the highest cosine similarities to the input word vector.

Country: United States
Grant Date: June 30, 2020
INVENTORS: Shad Kirmani, Manohara Shankar

Shad Kirmani

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