As eBay’s VP, Chief Architect, eBay AI and Platform, Sanjeev Katariya leads global architecture, cloud, AI, data and platform teams and the overall marketplace technical strategy. In addition to working across all eBay science, engineering and strategy leadership teams, his direct teams focus on AI/ML platforms, computer vision, machine translation and NLP, spatial computing, anomaly detection, general Neural network and software research, mobile platform, continuous delivery systems and quality frameworks, cloud security and marketplace frameworks. He spent the bulk of his formative career, 25 years, at Microsoft dedicated to architecture, science and engineering, including 14 years as an executive leader (Partner). Sanjeev earned a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Colorado and a bachelor of science degree in Electronics and Electrical Communications from Punjab Engineering College, and holds over 32 patents. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children and contributes to his personal website.


Favorite eBay Experience:

Since moving from Bellevue, WA to San Jose, CA, Sanjeev has been busy furnishing his home with novel furnishings and unique décor. He enjoys the global diversity (at great prices!) available on the site, and especially appreciates the amazing business savvy and customer service of his favorite eBay sellers.


Aspects of the present disclosure relate to a multi-dimensional commerce platform that may be utilized for the communication of data. Aspects of the multi- dimensional commerce platform may include various functional components to facilitate a system to receive inventory data at a first server associated with the multi-dimensional commerce platform, provide a second server associated with a third-party (e.g., a third party seller/distributor) access to the inventory data, alter or modify the inventory data based on attributes of the second server, and cause display of a presentation of the modified inventory data at a client device.

Country: United States
Grant Date: March 31, 2020
Sanjeev Katariya - VP & Chief Architect, eBay AI and Platform, eBay

Sanjeev Katariya

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