A set of images is accessed from a server. The set is analyzed to identify objects in each image using object recognition algorithms. A primary image that includes more of the identified objects than any of the other images of the set is determined. For each of the identified objects in the primary image, a secondary image that includes the identified object and has a higher magnification than the primary image is determined. Links are inserted into the primary image at locations including an identified object that is also in a secondary image. The primary image is displayed and, upon receiving a selection of one of the links, the secondary image that includes the identified object at the location of the selected link is displayed. The set of images is ordered based on relative positons of the identified objects in each image and then linked together based on the ordering.

Country: United States
Grant Date: July 30, 2019
INVENTORS: Nithya Chellam, Pranav Jha, Rahul Kyamaji, Sruthi Madapoosi Ravi, Krithika Sairam

Pranav Jha

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