Interns and New Hires in Engineering


When I joined eBay 12 years ago, the way I learned the ropes was easy: all the engineers sat together in what was basically a very large conference room, and all I had to do was walk up to the guy or girl whose initials were on a piece of code and ask him or her what’s what.

By: Petra Hofer
Cloud in Engineering

CloudCamp Silicon Valley at eBay

CloudCamp is an unconference (a participant-driven meeting) where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas.

By: Petra Hofer
Testing in Engineering

ACM article on automated usability testing

A while ago, eBay announced that it entered a partnership with the National Federation of the Blind to provide visually impaired Americans with new entrepreneurial opportunities – you might have caught the interview with Jonas Klink, Sr.

By: Petra Hofer
Search Science in Engineering

Fun with auto-complete

Some web search engines use auto-complete to suggest queries or even results after users start typing in the search box.

By: Petra Hofer
Data Infrastructure and Services in Engineering

eBay at QCon San Francisco 2010

QCon, the Annual International Software Development Conference, is taking place next week in San Francisco.

By: Petra Hofer

Petra Hofer