In various embodiments, methods and systems for implementing an integrated image search system are provided. The integrated image search system supports an image search feature of a content application on a mobile device. An image identifier is received to execute an image search operation. The image identifier is received via a native operating system action that is customized to support the image search feature. The native operating system action defines an entry point to the image search feature. The entry points can be based on image identifiers identified from a share image action, a share Uniform Resource Locator (URL) action, a copy share URL action, or a drag and drop action. An image of the image identifier is used to execute the image search operation to identify image search results. An image search results page having one or more images search results is caused to be displayed.

Country: Republic of Korea
Grant Date: June 16, 2022
INVENTORS: Hyuntae Kim, Benjamin Klein, Bo Li, Max Manco, Steve Neola, Andrew Shea, Mary Titus

Max Manco