Gail Frederick’s expertise includes two decades of software development and architecture leadership inside venture-backed startups and Fortune 500s. She is currently VP of Mobile and Developer Ecosystem at eBay, and GM of eBay’s Portland office. As eBay’s mobile technology leader, Gail and her mobile architects obsess about reliability and performance of eBay apps across their global user base. As the leader of the eBay Developers Program, Gail is hyper-focused on making eBay integration easier for third-party developers. She delivered and continues to expand a new generation of buying and selling APIs that enable smoother, more seamless buying and selling experiences for consumers and businesses.


In prior roles at eBay, Gail was chartered with streamlining the company’s web services portfolio through design patterns and architectural standards, focused on multi-screen applications and mobility. Before her time at eBay, Gail served as a director for Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, the heart of Linux at Intel. Before Intel, Gail held technology leadership roles at several Seattle start-ups. In 2005, she was the first engineering hire at Medio Systems, a mobile search and analytics start-up that was acquired by Nokia and subsequently HERE Technologies. Gail has been writing mobile apps since the very first app-enabled Nokia mobile phones. Her treatise on standards-based mobile web development entitled “Beginning Smartphone Web Development” was published by Apress in December 2009.


Gail holds bachelor and master’s degrees in Computer Science from The University of Michigan and The University of Washington, respectively. When not at work, Gail is a mother to school-age twins and calls Portland, Oregon home. She is an avid hiker and kayaker, especially around the lakes and rivers of rural central Oregon.


Favorite eBay Experience:

Gail’s family refers to her as “the queen of small packages” because she’s always buying yarn and craft supplies on eBay to fuel her knitting and sewing hobbies. She is also an active consumer seller on eBay and hopes to achieve Top-Rated Seller status in 2019.


Aspects of the present disclosure relate to a multi-dimensional commerce platform that may be utilized for the communication of data. Aspects of the multi- dimensional commerce platform may include various functional components to facilitate a system to receive inventory data at a first server associated with the multi-dimensional commerce platform, provide a second server associated with a third-party (e.g., a third party seller/distributor) access to the inventory data, alter or modify the inventory data based on attributes of the second server, and cause display of a presentation of the modified inventory data at a client device.

Country: United States
Grant Date: March 31, 2020
Gail Frederick

Gail Frederick

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