A categorization analysis system is provided. The categorization analysis system includes one or more hardware processors, a memory including a first plurality of listings categorized in a first target category, and a categorization analysis engine executing on the one or more hardware processors. The categorization analysis engine is configured to determine a label for each listing including performing a search on title, select a set of training listings based on the determined labels, train a first model using the set of training listings and the determined labels, the first model being a classification model configured to classify categorization of listings, identify a suspect listing categorized in the first target category, apply the suspect listing to the first model, thereby generating a categorization result for the suspect listing, the categorization result indicating miscategorization of the suspect listing, and identify the suspect listing in the memory as miscategorized.

Country: United States
Grant Date: June 12, 2018
INVENTORS: David Goldberg, George Liu, Dingxian Wang, Xiaoyuan Wu

Dingxian Wang

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