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SRE Case Study: URL Distribution Issue Caused by an Application

One of the frequently asked questions from new site reliability engineers is: Where to begin when troubleshooting a problem in a cloud environment? I always tell them: You should begin with understanding the problem. Let me demonstrate the reasons and methods with a real troubleshooting case.

By: Charles Li
Java in Engineering

SRE Case Study: Mysterious Traffic Imbalance

As an architect of a large website, I spent over a decade of my life working on all kinds of troubleshooting cases. Many of those cases were quite challenging, similar to finding a suspect in a megacity, yet quite rewarding. I ended up with many Sherlock Holmes stories to tell. What I am sharing today is a troubleshooting case of mysterious traffic imbalance.

By: Charles Li
Cloud in Engineering

Managing HTTP Header Size on NetScaler Load Balancers

The way that the NetScaler load balancer handles oversized HTTP header is not quite straightforward when combined with layer 7 policies and may result in unexpected consequences and bad user experiences if overlooked. This article explains how the header limit works and offers our recommendations on how to manage it properly.

By: Charles Li
Frontend Engineering in Engineering

Optimization Study on Processing Order of NetScaler Load Balancer Layer 7 Policies

Traffic on is processed by thousands of layer 7 policies on the load balancers. Clearly understanding the processing order ensures availability (by avoiding misconfigurations) and performance (by prioritizing the policies efficiently).

By: Charles Li, Leona Zhang and John Yang


In various example embodiments, a system and method for modifying images are presented. The system receives a user interface selection initiating an image capture and detects a first image capture parameter. The system identifies an object of interest within a field of view of an image capture device and identifies a set of object characteristics of the object of interest. The system generates a parameter notification indicating a suggested modification of the first image capture parameter based on one or more object characteristics of the set of object characteristics. The system causes presentation of the parameter notification at the image capture device.

Country: United States
Grant Date: October 1, 2019
Charles Li

Charles Li

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