A system is configured to detect a small, but meaningful, anomaly within one or more metrics associated with a platform. The system displays visuals of the metrics so that a user monitoring the platform can effectively notice a problem associated with the anomaly and take appropriate action to remediate the problem. A first visual includes a radar-based visual that renders an object representing data for a set of metrics being monitored. A second visual includes a tree map visual that includes sections where each section is associated with an attribute used to compose the set of metrics. Via the display of the visuals, the techniques provide an improved way of representing a large number of metrics (e.g., hundreds, thousands, etc.) being monitored for a platform. Moreover, the techniques are configured to expose useful information associated with the platform in a manner that can be effectively interpreted by a user.

Country: United States
Grant Date: June 15, 2021
INVENTORS: Ahmed Abdulaal, Craig Fender, Ajay Malalikar, Harsha Nalluri, Jonathan Ng, Maxwell Poole
Ahmed Abdulaal

Ahmed Abdulaal