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Machine Learning in Engineering

eBay Open Source — 2019 in the Rear View Mirror; 2020 Ahead

As we move further into 2020, it’s worth reviewing a selection of key eBay Open Source projects released in 2019.

By: Brian D. Haslam
Developer Tools in Engineering

Safe ACL Change through Model-based Analysis

Model-based analysis makes it possible to rigorously test and validate changes prior to deployment. This approach enabled the eBay Network Engineering staff to undertake a project to refactor a large business critical Access Control List, resulting in an 80% reduction in size, without any adverse business impact.

By: Antonio Ceseracciu
Accessibility in Engineering

Automation via the Accessibility Ruleset Runner

Automated testing helps organizations build better software, faster. Automation can also be used to standardize user experiences or maintain code compliance. With respect to accessibility, automation can be used to bring awareness by helping people with little to no accessibility knowledge easily find, file and fix bugs.

By: Scott Izu, Ian McBurnie, Sean Gates and Valliappan Thenappan
Distributed Systems in Engineering

NuRaft: a Lightweight C++ Raft Core

We are excited to announce the public release of NuRaft, a lightweight C++ Raft core, under the Apache 2.0 open source license. NuRaft is based on the cornerstone C++ Raft implementation, but with various additions and changes, and is the result of over two years of development and testing for production use within eBay for storage server data replication. This post discusses what NuRaft is, and how it can be used.

By: Gene Zhang and Jung-Sang Ahn
OSS in Engineering

Akutan: A Distributed Knowledge Graph Store

We're excited to announce the public release of Akutan, a distributed knowledge graph store, under the Apache 2.0 open source license. Akutan is the result of four person-years of exploration and engineering effort, so there's a lot to unpack here! This post will discuss what Akutan is, how it's implemented, and why we've chosen to release it as open source.

By: Simon Fell and Diego Ongaro
Developer Tools in Engineering

eBay OAuth Client Library

To make integrations with eBay RESTful APIs easier, eBay provides client libraries in C# and Java to make it simpler to set up authorization and reduce the amount of code application developers have to write to get OAuth Access Tokens.

By: Sandeep Dhiman
Developer Tools in Engineering

Announcing the Accelerator

The Expertmaker Accelerator is a well-proven data processing framework that provides fast data access, parallel execution, and automatic organization of source code, input data, and results. It can be used for daily data analysis tasks as well as operating as a live recommendation system with hundreds of thousands of large data files and many CPUs. The Accelerator is now released as open source by eBay.

By: Anders Berkeman, Carl Drougge and Sofia Hörberg
JavaScript in Engineering

The Future of Marko

At eBay, we’ve completely transformed how we build web applications, starting with the transition from a Java-based stack to a Node.js-based stack. Node.js has enabled teams to move faster, and it offers an abundant ecosystem of tools and libraries that are essential to modern web application development.

By: Patrick Steele-Idem
Cloud in Engineering

Beats @ eBay - Collectbeat - A Journey where Company and Community Come Together

In early 2016, the Monitoring Special Interest Group (SIG) ventured into solving the problem of logs and metrics shipping from (eBay’s Kubernetes ecosystem).

By: Vijay Samuel
Developer Tools in Engineering

Introducing Regressr - An Open Source Command Line Tool to Regression Test HTTP Services

In the Artificial Intelligence-Human Language Technologies team at eBay, we work on software that powers eBay’s conversational bot, ShopBot.

By: Ashwanth Fernando
Cloud in Engineering

Ready-to-use Virtual-machine Pool Store via warm-cache

Conventional on-demand Virtual Machine (VM) provisioning methods on a cloud platform can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when we need to provision VMs in large numbers quickly.

By: Sudeep Kumar
Data Infrastructure and Services in Engineering

Griffin — Model-driven Data Quality Service on the Cloud for Both Real-time and Batch Data

At eBay, when people use big data (Hadoop or other streaming systems), measurement of data quality is a significant challenge.

By: Alex Lv
Coding Practices in Engineering

eBay Releases Dynamic Application Security Testing Proxy as Open Source

In an effort to contribute to the open-source community for security, Global Information Security (GIS) at eBay released its DAST Proxy as open-source software.

By: Srinivasa Rao Chirathanagandla
Frontend Engineering in Engineering

Announcing Marko v3: From HTML to HTML-JS

Marko is one of the fastest, lightest, and most powerful HTML templating engines for Node.js and the browser, and we are very pleased to see a healthy and growing community.

By: Patrick Steele-Idem
OSS in Engineering

Announcing Neutrino for Load Balancing and L7 Switching

The eBay PaaS team is pleased to announce the open-sourcing of Neutrino, a software load balancer developed to do L7 switching and load balancing for eBay’s test infrastructure.

By: Blesson Paul
Cloud in Engineering

Announcing Pulsar Reporting: Near-Real-Time Metrics Reporting Framework

We are excited to announce the first open-source release of Pulsar Reporting.

By: Jason Liu
Data Infrastructure and Services in Engineering

Apache Eagle: Secure Hadoop in Real Time

Co-Authors: Chaitali Gupta and Edward Zhang

By: Arun Manoharan
Data Infrastructure and Services in Engineering

GZinga: Seekable and Splittable Gzip

Generally, data compression techniques are used to conserve space and network bandwidth.

By: Ruchir Shah and Mahesh Somani
Cloud in Engineering

Announcing Pulsar: Real-time Analytics at Scale

We are happy to announce Pulsar – an open-source, real-time analytics platform and stream processing framework.

By: Sharad Murthy and Tony Ng
Cloud in Engineering

Announcing Kylin: Extreme OLAP Engine for Big Data

We are very excited to announce that eBay has released to the open-source community our distributed analytics engine: Kylin (

By: Luke Han