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Machine Translation in Research

Going the Distance — Edit Distance 1

What is Edit Distance? How could it be used to measure quality? Find out the basics about this simple metric used for Machine Translation.

By: Silvio Picinini
Computer Vision in Product

eBay Makes Visual Shopping More Intuitive While You Browse

Our newest experience helps you find more products you just can't describe.

By: Jonathan Chard
Deep Learning in Engineering

Complementary Item Recommendations at eBay Scale

Generating relevant complementary item recommendations that drive conversion at eBay is a challenging problem. In this blog post, we describe some of these challenges, and how we incorporated several different signals, including behavior-based (co-purchase, co-view, co-search, popularity) and content-based (title text), to significantly enrich the number and quality of candidate recommendations. This can produce an improved user shopping experience, which can lead to increased transactions between eBay buyers and sellers, and an increase in the number of items bought, which is good for the eBay marketplace as a whole.

By: Yuri M. Brovman
Deep Learning in Research

Explainable Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs for Recommendation

Incorporating knowledge graphs into recommender systems has attracted increasing attention in recent years. By exploring the interlinks within a knowledge graph, the connectivity between users and items can be discovered as paths, which provide rich and complementary information to user-item interactions. Such connectivity not only reveals the semantics of entities and relations, but also helps to comprehend a user’s interest. However, existing efforts have not fully explored this connectivity to infer user preferences, especially in terms of modeling the sequential dependencies within and holistic semantics of a path. We have developed a new model named Knowledge-aware Path Recurrent Network (KPRN) to exploit knowledge graphs for recommendation.

By: Canran Xu, Dingxian Wang, Hua Yang and Xiaoyuan Wu
Computer Vision in Research

Interactive Visual Search

Interactive visual search with user feedback helps buyers find the perfect item and while enjoying the exploratory journey.

By: M. Hadi Kiapour, Robinson Piramuthu and Shuai (Kyle) Zheng
Computer Vision in Research

Seven Tips for Visual Search at Scale

We present seven tips for visual search at scale, based on our KDD 2017 paper titled "Visual Search at eBay."

By: Fan Yang, M. Hadi Kiapour, Qiaosong Wang and Robinson Piramuthu
Computer Vision in Research

Beyond Logos and Patterns: How We’re Training eBay’s AI to Understand Brands

We’re researching how to recognize brands using computer vision by training our AI to look beyond logos and iconic patterns.

By: M. Hadi Kiapour and Robinson Piramuthu
Computer Vision in Research

ModaNet: A Large-scale Street Fashion Dataset with Polygon Annotations

Searching for an ideal dress or pair of shoes sometimes could be challenging, especially when you do not know the best keywords to describe what you are looking for. Luckily, the emerging smart mobile devices provide an efficient and convenient way to capture those products of interest in your photo album. The next natural thing is letting an ecommerce app like eBay figure it out for you.

By: Fan Yang, M. Hadi Kiapour, Robinson Piramuthu and Shuai (Kyle) Zheng
Computer Vision in Product

Drag and Drop Search: A New Way to Search on eBay

eBay has over a billion listings across a wide variety of categories that millions of buyers search every day. It is a significant challenge to connect the right buyer to the right listing and in the process to present the user with similar items that are suited to the buyers inputs.

By: Ravi Pitapurapu
Computer Vision in Product

Love It? Find More Like It with eBay’s New Image Search Feature

Our latest visual shopping feature helps you discover more items that look like your favorites with only the swipe of a finger.

By: Seema Jethani and Venkat Medapati
Computer Vision in Engineering

Large-Scale Product Image Recognition with Cloud TPUs

Customers all over the world use eBay to buy and sell all kinds of products. With more than one billion product listings on eBay, it is essential for eBay to use cutting-edge AI to help everyone find the products that they want. And visual search is increasingly important—with cameras on every smartphone, eBay customers want to be able to snap a photo to find exactly what they see.

By: Shuai (Kyle) Zheng
Testing in Research

GUI Testing Powered by Deep Learning

Deep Learning (DL) is revolutionizing the face of many industries these days, such as computer vision, natural language processing, and machine translation, and it penetrates many science-driven products and technological companies, including eBay. These days, DL is taking its first strides in eBay’s Quality Engineering (QE) space, and it has already proven to outperform the best test veteran and industry-grade applications one could find.

By: Honghao Wang, Sovan Rath and Yotam Sharan
Bots in Engineering

Altus Care: Applying a Chatbot to eBay Platform Engineering

eBay developers recently combined several commonly used technologies, including Lucene search and the Stanford Natural Language Processor, to create Altus Care, a chatbot that provides an instant one-stop support solution for internal eBay Altus users.

By: Alison Shu
Search Science in Research

Finding Desirable Items in eBay Search by a Deep Dive into Skipped Items

When you search on eBay and there are many matching listings, how does eBay figure out which ones to rank at the top? One key ingredient is to determine how well the listing matches the intent of the query.

By: Ishita Khan
Machine Learning in Product

Is It Perfect for You? eBay Tells You ‘Why to Buy’

Hear from the product manager who introduced the new feature that uses machine learning to help you shop with confidence, buying the items you really want on the eBay mobile app.

By: Sasi Somasundarum
Recommender Systems in Product

eBay Makes It Easier to Find All the Parts You Need for That Repair

Hear from the product manager who built our latest feature that gives personalized guidance on finding the exact parts needed for your repair job or upgrade.

By: Miwa Takaki
Mobile in Product

Finding That Perfect Gift on eBay Is as Easy as Asking a Friend

Inspired by the service in a traditional retail store, eBay is enabling a truly personalized shopping experience using Google Assistant.

By: Jay Vasudevan
Machine Learning in Product

Search Faster with eBay’s New Grouped Listings View

Our new Grouped Listings feature makes it easier to find the product you want with just the click of a button.

By: Jon Glick
Machine Learning in Product

Want to Help Your Item Sell? Increase the Chances with eBay’s New Listing Feature

Learn how eBay’s new listing feature makes it easier for business sellers to bump up the visibility of item listings on eBay to have a better chance at selling.

By: Claire Xiao
User Experience in Product

Is It the Right Product for You? eBay’s Newest Feature Lets You Ask

Learn how the new Questions & Answers feature lets you leverage the power of the eBay community to buy what you really want.

By: Brian Livingston